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Amigo Imaginario

Our mezcal is made with the highest quality standards.

Each bottle of Amigo Imaginario is unique, handcrafted celebrating Mexican culture, its people, its tradition, its celebrations, its creativity and imagination.  

We celebrate the land and its richness by freeing our imagination and creating a balanced world where we are all friends (including imaginary ones) and enjoy its magic.  


Enjoy with your friends (real or imaginary), family or with yourself.

Look inside yourself, travel and celebrate the purest gold that the Mexican lands

they can give us: THE MEZCAL.  


Welcome to our world

Amigo Imaginario is  100% organic and sustainable agave mezcal.

Crystal clear and bright in sight.

Our flavor is smooth on the palate, unique and magical with herbal, citrus and sweet aromas.


Name given by the thin and long leaves that resemble swords. The largest volume of mezcal production in Mexico corresponds to the maguey Espadín, due to its high reproduction properties, sugars, weight and volume.


Tobala y a wild Agave. It is mainly used for the preparation of mezcal, an alcoholic beverage highly appreciated for its soft sensory properties. Flowers, honey and citrus are perceived in its smell and taste.

Enjoy Amigo Imaginario with all five senses and free your imagination.  

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